Enjoy Hand Crafted Cheese From Sweet Grass Dairy

Nestled in historic downtown Thomasville, GA, you will find Sweet Grass Dairy. It boasts delicious food, quaint southern charm, and some of the best cheese you’ll ever taste. Their delicious handcrafted cheese and passion for sustainable farming practices are what set this place apart from all the rest. Read about what Sweet Grass Dairy has to offer, and stop by for a visit!

Sustainable Charm

Everyone seems to throw around the words “sustainable farming practices” these days, but at Sweet Grass Dairy, they truly believe in them. Their cows don’t go into a barn and stay in stalls or get corralled into small spaces. Instead, they are rotated every 12 hours on a 140-acre farm. This process allows the cows access to fresh green grass 24 hours a day.

The Sweet Grass Dairy Cows are Barn Free for 365 days a year, allowing them to be grass fed and happy. This ensures that you are getting top-quality product as you support this local business. Since these cows are cared for so well, they are able to produce sweet, delicious milk that is then turned into the finest hand crafted cheese in the south. Try it out for yourself! After one bite, you’ll taste the difference.

Old School Craftsmanship

While most cheesemakers are moving toward automation and machinery, the folks over at Sweet Grass Dairy are keeping it old school. Each wheel is hand ladled, to ensure perfection every time. They put a level of love and craftsmanship into their cheese, and you can taste it in each bite. Their cheeses have distinct notes, and tasting each one is a joyous adventure for your pallet. When Sweet Grass Dairy sells you a “Handcrafted” product, that is really what you are getting!

Amazing Vibes at Sweet Grass Cheese Shop

This cheese shop is also a small restaurant! It serves fresh food that pairs well with their cheeses and craft beers. Sweet Grass Dairy offers a fun, entertaining, and modern atmosphere that is perfect for any gathering or occasion. It effortlessly showcases southern sophistication and youth. Additionally, their cheeses have won 20 ribbons in the U.S. and a few world wide. That’s good cheese! If you have a hard time picking the perfect option, check out their cheese sommelier board. It will help you decide which cheeses pair best with the wines or beers you enjoy.

Great cheese cannot be found just anywhere. Cheese is an experience, and the folks over at Sweet Grass have it right. If you are near Thomasville, GA, be sure to stop by the Sweet Grass Dairy. You’ll be guaranteed a good time and some amazing cheese to go along with it.


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