Signs That Show You Need To Replace Your Tires

driver filling air into a car tire, tire inflation
Replacing your car’s tires as needed is necessary for performance and safety. Driving on old, worn tires makes your car work harder, so your gas mileage will decrease. At the same time, old tires have poor handling and traction, so that you might get in an accident. Check out these... [read more]

Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike With These 5 Tips

Father teaching his son cycling at park
Your child is growing up right before your eyes. One minute, your son or daughter was learning to walk and talk. Now, your child is ready to hop on a bike. Teaching them to ride a bike is a milestone that both of you will remember forever. Because it’s so... [read more]

Enjoy Mouthwatering BBQ From Fallin’s Barbeque

Some restaurants come and go, while others are institutions. Fallin’s Barbeque in Thomasville is definitely in the latter category. This restaurant opened in 1977 and has been going strong since. Find out which menu items are must-haves at Fallin’s Barbeque. Then head over for a bite at this locally owned... [read more]

Begin Your Day With Something Fresh At Empire Bagel And Delicatessen

Bagel and cream cheese with coffee
When John and Anna Carroll Gregory opened Empire Bagel and Delicatessen in 2017, their goal was to bring a New York-style eatery to Thomasville. The restaurant was a hit immediately, selling out during the grand opening. People are still crowding into the delicatessen for breakfast and lunch, and they rave... [read more]

10 Tips To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer Heat

dashcover in vehicle with sun shining
Summer is here! While we may love the beautiful sunshine and nice weather, the heat can be unbearable most days. If you don’t enjoy the intense heat that blasts you as soon as you step foot into a parked car, we have some tips for you. Take a look at... [read more]