Enjoy Spring At The Birdsong Nature Center

Male House Finch
If you're looking for an adventure that you and your family can enjoy, then check out the Birdsong Nature Center. It is home to a myriad of birds and other wildlife that are scattered across 565 acres of swamps, forest, ponds, and wildflower meadows. So when your planning your next... [read more]

Treat Your Sweet Tooth At Burg Cookie Company

That's the way the cookie crumbles may be a modest way to say to accept mishappenings, but you certainly will not complain how the cookies at Burg Cookie Company crumble, especially when they crumble in your mouth. When you need to indulge your sweet tooth, stop by Burg Cookie Company. History... [read more]

Events This Month

hands playing guitar on stage
What’s going on in Thomasville this month? The Thomasville Visitors Center always has some interesting entries on their local events calendar, so have a look and see what our community is up to this April! Easter Egg Hunt at Pebble Hill This Saturday, April 8, you can bring the whole family out... [read more]

Is Leasing Right For You?

Getting a new car can be a very fun experience. It's very exciting. Many times you want to give a ride to friends or family members to show them your new vehicle. But before you go out and purchase your next automobile it's important to consider this question: Is leasing... [read more]

Bite-Sized Snacks To Share

Bite Size Cheese Balls with Crackers
Whether you are creating appetizers for an event, your friends have gathered to watch the game, or your family needs a snack to tide them over until dinner, you want to have snack recipes that are a little more upgraded than the normal chips and dip. Here are some hearty... [read more]