Get Organized With These Helpful Apps

Woman organizing her to do list on whiteboard

Life in the digital age can come at you fast. Whatever your lifestyle, the chances are, you are juggling several different important obligations. Using organizational applications is a surefire way to stay on top of all of the different moving parts. With the apps listed further on in this blog, you will start to view your phone as a helpful tool rather than a distraction. These apps will span different devices, and with them, you will have more time for yourself.

Microsoft To Do

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac

Microsoft To Do is a to-do list app that allows you to track multiple to-do lists at once. If you have many ongoing projects, a job, and daily chores, this is the app for you. As you go through your day, you can check it to see if there is anything you forgot to do. You can also check off tasks that you complete in a satisfying manner.


Platform: iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Jour is a daily journaling app. It is a private journal that offers prompts to get you in the habit of effective writing. It can be a useful app to blow off steam, jot down notes, and get you through the day. While it may not seem like an app tailored to organizing, professionals boast that keeping a journal is a great way to offload mental baggage. Think of it as a place to store the thoughts that are getting in the way of your work.


Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, web browser, Windows, Mac

LastPass is a safe, simple solution to having a million passwords for all of your different accounts. You never have to worry again about whether a website wanted one special character, three numbers, or 15 uppercase letters. Your passwords are encrypted, so no one else should be able to access them. For added security, you can require that the app can only be opened via biometric scanners built into your smartphone (think fingerprints and facial recognition).

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Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android, web browser

If you are looking for a way to digitize your network, CamCard allows you to easily offload your collection of colleagues’ business cards. You take a quick picture of a business card, and CamCard will store all of the important information from it. You can group your cards into different categories for easy viewing.

These apps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using your phone productively. While not all of them will work for everyone, surely you will find use in some of them. These apps will alleviate a lot of your stress, so you can focus on mindfulness and relaxation.