Is Leasing Right For You?


Getting a new car can be a very fun experience. It’s very exciting. Many times you want to give a ride to friends or family members to show them your new vehicle. But before you go out and purchase your next automobile it’s important to consider this question: Is leasing right for you? Many people choose to lease a car for a variety of reasons such as you have lower payments, a buyout option, and the opportunity to upgrade to another new vehicle every few years. Let’s take a closer look at car leasing so you can consider if it is an option you would want to think about the next time you get a new car.

Lease Benefits

How long do you want to keep your car? Typically, when you make a deal to lease a car, you’re going to make it for a relatively short term – probably two or three years. That’s great if you are interested in getting a new car quite often and getting the latest trends, styles, features, and technology that comes out with newer models.

How important are premium features to you? Lease payments are lower than car payments if you purchase your vehicle in a traditional way. With your savings, you could opt to get a higher level trim with more features and amenities.

Do you want a hassle-free trade-in experience? Selling or trading in your old car can sometimes be stressful. But when you lease a car, it’s simple. When the lease is up you just return it to the dealership. That’s it. At that time, you’ll have the choice of buying it out right or leasing something else.

Ownership Benefits

There are many benefits to owning a car as well. For one, if you like to hold on to a car for a while instead of getting a new one every few years, you may want to go ahead and purchase a new one now. In addition, if you like to add custom accessories, window tints, or non-factory colors, you should probably make the choice to buy your vehicle.

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Buying Or Leasing At Thomasville Toyota

Every new model in stock at Thomasville Toyota is available for either purchase or lease. The Thomasville Toyota finance team has experts who can crunch the numbers and help you decide whether leasing or buying a new car is better for you.

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