Mouthwatering Recipes To Prepare On The Grill This Season

Mother and daughter grilling in the backyard.

Spring and summer are coming. This means it’s time for you to clean off your grill, put your apron on, and prepare some delicious meals for you and your loved ones. There is nothing that quite compares to freshly grilled meats and veggies, and having a few recipes up your sleeve will mean you are always prepared to host. Read further for takes on tried classics and some grill recipes that might be new to you.

Grilled Chicken With Italian Salsa

The chicken part of this recipe is fairly straightforward. Salt and pepper your chicken breasts or thighs and throw them on a medium-high grill until you see marks. Then, do the same for the other side. Finish it in a 350-degree oven until the meat is 170 degrees through (10-15 minutes). The salsa is just blended parsley and/or basil, garlic, lemon zest, lemon juice, capers, caper juice, and olive oil. For an excellent summer treat, try growing your own Italian parsley and basil. Fresh salsa will be even more delicious with your grilled chicken. You can also grow (or buy…no judgment) some heirloom tomatoes or Roma tomatoes for a fresh side salad.

Japanese ‘Farm-style’ Teriyaki

This recipe can be made with chicken or portobello mushrooms (for our vegetarian readers). The main thing that makes this recipe Japanese is the marinade. Put a pound of chicken thighs or four portobellos in a plastic baggie with 1 quarter cup of soy sauce, 1 quarter cup of mirin, and 2 teaspoons of grated ginger for four hours (you can also leave it overnight for more flavor). Grill it on medium-high heat until marks appear, then turn the heat down. Cook until the chicken is 170 degrees through. This recipe goes great with white rice and shiitake mushrooms (marinade the shiitake mushrooms with the chicken and grill for less time).

Grilled Fava Beans

Grilled fava beans are delicious and easy to make. They follow the same steps as most veggies. Coat them in just enough olive oil and add a lot of salt. Grill them for five minutes on each side over medium heat. Once ready, you can add garnishes like mint, parsley, and chili flakes. You should also salt to taste and add lemon if needed. Level up this recipe by exploring dressings and trying out different veggies.

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Try New Grill Recipes

There is no end to the food items you can grill, and most taste better from the grill. Make this season all about trying new things and learning how to cook. You will be happier, your friends will be full, and the neighbors who are close enough to smell your grill will be jealous!