Pet Proof Your Home With These Tips

Dogs and cats are known to chew up beloved home items. From shoes to couches to papers and everything in between, if it’s within reach then their teeth are all over it. If you’re in need of some fresh ideas on how to further pet proof your home, then we’re here to help. Try to stop them before they start with our three helpful tips on pet proofing your home!

Use A Bitter Chew Spray

If your dog loves to chew on everything in your home, then you need a bitter chew spray on hand. There are many different kinds of sprays to choose from. You can get a natural one, or a name brand, but either way, it’ll help save your belongings. Bitter chew sprays don’t stain or ruin your items in any way, they just temporarily coat the sprayed item in a bitter substance to discourage your dog from chewing on it.

Grab A Good Carpet Cleaner

Accidents happen, and your pets can ruin your carpet quickly. Make sure to do everything you can to keep them from doing so. Having a quality carpet cleaner on hand made for pet-related stains is essential. There are many cleaners out there made specifically with pet-related accidents in mind, so make sure to do your research before choosing one. You definitely want to choose a carpet cleaner with pet odor-eliminating enzymes to prevent your pet from returning to a spot over and over again.

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Search For Pet-Friendly Fabrics

When looking for new furniture, take the type of fabric into mind. Your furry friend will be able to chew up some fabric types much easier than others. Interestingly, the most expensive types of leather are the most easily scratched up by pet claws. You’d think they’d be more resilient, but their soft and smooth material will allow scratches to penetrate easily and deeply, so they’re almost impossible to get out. Go for the grainier leather when in doubt. Overall, any kind of microfiber fabric will be best.

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