Picnic Like A Pro This Spring

Picnic outdoors on a forest meadow.There is no better way to welcome the exciting spring air than with a well put together picnic. From delicious and seasonal menu items to environmentally-friendly containers, a picnic will put you in a great mood and leave you feeling full of joy. It takes skill to prepare, but with these thoughtful ideas from Martha Stewart, your picnic will be top-notch!

Prepare A Menu

You can’t have a picnic without food. Draft a menu in advance with thoughtful items. Make sure you choose items that can travel well and stay fresh at room temperature. You don’t want to open your basket to find soggy fries, do you? Hand-held items with limited sauces are prime for a picnic. However, you can also enjoy items that require a fork or spoon. Consider sandwiches, salads, quinoa bowls, baked goods, and more. Also, always include appetizers or snacks like nuts or chips. Don’t forget something sweet to savor at the end. Finally, bring a sealable jug with water or tea and glasses to share.


Think through how you will transport your menu items. Serving bowls, baking dishes, and tins are the best options, as they are reusable and look better than plastic bags. With the environment in mind, you can also bring reusable items like cutlery and glasses. Make sure you have a large bag or basket. You can even consider bringing two, one for items that won’t spoil, and one that is insulated. A pro tip is to add a layer of food at the bottom of the basket, add a small cutting board in the middle, and then finish layering with food on top. That way, your items won’t spill or fall over in your bag. It’s important to remember extra items like napkins and salt and pepper before you leave. Finally, grab a large blanket to sit on so your pants don’t get dirty.

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Savor the fresh spring air while spending time in the sun and enjoying homemade food during your picnic. Bring a portable speaker or play relaxing music on your phone to enhance the ambiance. Simple outdoor games can go a long way to keep everyone entertained. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!