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Visit Orchard Pond In Tallahassee, FL

group of explorers on a farm tour
Orchard Pond is a delightful farm located in Tallahassee. The family-owned farm is dedicated to producing foods of the highest quality while maintaining sustainability practices. Started in 2008, the owners wanted to ensure they were feeding their own children with high-quality products, so they made their own! This grew into... [read more]

History Happy Hour: Historic Preservation

If you’re a history lover, chances are you read plenty of books or stay up-to-date with the latest findings. For those interested in American history, you can simply look around to see history – we’re living it at this very moment. Our nation has a long and rich history. For... [read more]

Take A Helicopter Tour Of Tallahassee

Helicopter Tour
Have you ever wondered what the world looked like from above? Sure, you may have been in an airplane before, but often, you’re so high up that you don’t really see anything interesting. If you really want to get a birds-eye view of Tallahassee and the surrounding area, you are... [read more]