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Check Out Our 4-Year No-Charge Maintenance Program!

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Our customers at Thomasville Toyota get more for their money and we’re not just saying that. When you buy a new Toyota at Thomasville Toyota you get four years of no-cost maintenance provided. That’s right, four years where you don’t have to pay a dime on maintenance. Add on an... [read more]

What Does ToyotaCare Provide?

ToyotaCare Thomasville
Buy a new Toyota model, and you automatically get ToyotaCare. This service is designed to give you peace of mind by providing coverage and roadside assistance for two years. Thanks to ToyotaCare, you will save money if you find yourself stranded somewhere and don’t have to worry about paying for... [read more]

How the Toyota Yaris Saves You Money and Gas

2016 Toyota Yaris
Look at the price for the Toyota Yaris, and it instantly becomes clear that this hatchback is one of the most affordable vehicles on the market. This compact model is surprisingly fun to drive. As a bonus, its hatchback design makes it versatile. You get 15.6 cubic feet behind the... [read more]

How Can ToyotaCare Benefit You?

ToyotaCare Thomasville
If you have considered driving a new Toyota, then you are probably familiar with ToyotaCare to some extent. This unique program is designed to offer drivers such benefits as free factory scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance. While many other automobile manufacturers offer these services, they will do so for a... [read more]

What’s Covered in the Toyota Roadside Assistance Program?

toyotacare roadside assistance
Many Toyota vehicles come with the Toyota Roadside Assistance Program for at least a limited amount of time. In fact, even Certified Used Vehicles will automatically come with this assistance. When you find yourself stranded due to a car failure or running out of gas, the program gets you back... [read more]