Tips To Keep Your Tires Healthy

Close up of man crouching on the gas station and inflating tire.

Your vehicle’s tires play a key role in your safety on the road. They can also be an expensive purchase. Stay safe and keep your wallet happy with these tips to maximize the lifetime of your tires.

Check the Pressure

Under-inflated tires have proven to be a serious safety risk. They affect vehicle performance and even gas mileage. Make sure to check your tire pressure and add air when necessary. This is especially important in cold or changing weather.


It can be easy to forget about rotating your tires, but it plays a huge factor in extending the life of your tires. Your tires wear down in different places depending on where they are. Changing the positioning helps promote even wear throughout the tires. You should be getting a tire rotation every six months or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles, whichever one comes first.

Don’t Overload

There is such a thing as overloading your car. On your door frame or in your manufacturer manual, there will be a weight limit for your vehicle. Going over this limit will put unusual pressure on your tires. It will also cause extra wear and could even lead to your tire blowing.

Match All Tires

No matter how careful you are, something unexpected can happen. A nail can puncture your tire, and you have to replace it. Ideally, you never want to do one at a time. Even with the same brand and type of tire, the height difference between new and old can cause stress on your suspension. So when you come in for a replacement, try to get at least two new tires if replacing all four is not possible.

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Replace When Needed

While this doesn’t help keep your current tires healthy, it prevents damage to you and your car. That means getting a replacement before your tires blow! Keep an eye on your tire tread at home using the penny trick. Place a penny in your tire tread so that Abraham Lincoln’s head points to the tire. When his entire head shows, it is time for a replacement.

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