Visit Orchard Pond In Tallahassee, FL

group of explorers on a farm tour

Orchard Pond is a delightful farm located in Tallahassee. The family-owned farm is dedicated to producing foods of the highest quality while maintaining sustainability practices. Started in 2008, the owners wanted to ensure they were feeding their own children with high-quality products, so they made their own! This grew into becoming something that can be purchased at local restaurants, grocery stores, and farmer’s markets.


Orchard Pond is proud to have their own apiary which is home to the bees who that make the honey purchased with the Orchard Pond label on it! These bees pollinate the Orchard Pond gardens throughout all four seasons to fuel all of their fresh produce and make the most beautiful flowers. Guests can “get the buzz” on the bees at Orchard Farm by learning how they live, work, and make honey!

Farm Tours and Volunteering

At Orchard Pond, they believe it is important to know where your food comes from. They love to offer guests a taste of freshness in their brains and their bellies! These farm tours include a walking tour of the fields, greenhouse, beehives, and kitchen. Tourists get to participate in hands-on activities like harvesting produce, planting seeds, or pulling weeds. They also get to enjoy a honey tasting featuring the three different types of homemade honey offered by Orchard Pond! Volunteers are welcome to come to the farm to help with the planting and harvesting of produce as well.

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The Orchard Pond store offers a variety of products made for those who love clean eating and sustainable living! Their products range from the more obvious farm items such as fruits, veggies, meat, and dairy products, to the more obscure items like homemade pesto, satsuma juice, and kombucha! They also sell fun gifts like t-shirts and hats for those looking to represent Orchard Pond when they leave. The Orchard Pong honey and granola can actually be found for sale in stores all over Florida! Check out Orchard Pond whenever you’re in the area for a terrific learning experience as well as some tasty treats!