What’s the Difference Between the Toyota Camry and the Avalon?

Toyota Camry
Toyota Avalon

When most people start looking for their next car, they will compare similar models, but they don’t always know exactly what they want. If you like Toyotas but aren’t sure what size vehicle you want or how many features you need, you can easily find yourself wondering what the differences between the Camry and Avalon are. As part of two different segments, there are multiple key points to consider.

Size and Basic Features

There are two main things people notice when comparing the Toyota Camry to the Avalon: the price and size. The Avalon is the more expensive option, but it is also larger and comes packed with more features on the base model. The Avalon is an extra 5 inches in length, so passengers can expect more legroom and there is more space to store cargo.

In terms of features, the Avalon has more options, making its higher sticker price worth it. The interior of the Avalon makes you feel as if you are inside a luxury vehicle while this requires some optional upgrades on the Camry. The Avalon also has reduced noise in the cabin and a fancier version of the touchscreen interface found in the Camry. The Avalon’s infotainment system also offers more upgrades, meaning that if top features are your priority, that may be the sedan for you.

Toyota Camry

Base Engines

As the more expensive option, it is no surprise that the Toyota Avalon also has a more powerful base engine. The Camry’s base is a 178-horsepower 2.5-liter 4-cylinder, but it does have an optional 3.5-liter V6 generating 268 horsepower. It is this V6 engine that comes standard in the Avalon. This means that these Toyotas can get similar power, but the Camry has an option that is more fuel efficient. Also, keep in mind that the Avalon has an optional Sport Mode for a sporty driving feel.

When it comes down to it, the Toyota Camry and Avalon appeal to different types of drivers. The Camry is perfect for those who want a reliable and powerful vehicle but don’t need extra space or top-of-the-line features. The Avalon is ideal if you truly want a luxury car without premium-car pricing. You can find either of these sedans at Thomasville Toyota in Thomasville, Georgia.