Plan The Perfect Picnic

Shot of a family enjoying a picnic in a park

Now that the warmer months have arrived, it’s time to start planning the perfect picnic using these helpful tips from the Greatist. There’s just something refreshing about eating a light and delicious meal outside while sipping on a cold refreshing beverage. Choosing the right food can benefit you in many ways, so check out these tips so you can be prepared when planning your next picnic. Over the years, picnic foods have gone from hotdogs to more sophisticated meals like fruits, cheeses, meats, and more. You also have to consider how you’re going to carry your food and drinks, which can be as traditional as using an old-fashioned hamper, a cooler, or an abundance of storage containers.

Pack Your Picnic Basket

Go Light. This means light food, light utensils, and light plates. You’re going to be carrying your picnic basket to the designated eating area, so you want to make sure that the basket isn’t too heavy. You’ll also want to consider if your plates and utensils are eco-friendly.

Pack An Activity. After you’re done eating, you’ll want to do something fun, so make sure you pack a game. For the children you can bring coloring books and puzzles, but for the adults you can bring card games or a frisbee or football.

Have A Bug Plan. With the outdoors comes insects and bugs, so it’s a good idea to have a plan to keep the bugs away from the food. Packing storage covers or wrapping the food in plastic is an excellent way to keep bugs away from the food.

Pack Wet Naps. Sometimes food gets messy, but when outdoors, you don’t always have the luxury of washing your hands, so consider packing wet naps. These wet naps are easy to pack and haul and make cleaning messes easy.

Choose A Weighted Blanket. You don’t want your blanket to blow away and scatter your food everywhere, so bring a weighted blanket or other wind deterrents that can keep your blanket in place. So keep your blanket in place using rocks, stakes, or other weighted items.

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Plan Your Picnic Today

If you’re ready to start planning your next picnic, grab the keys to your Thomasville Toyota vehicle and head to the store to grab the necessary supplies. Keep your meal simple by eating simple foods like cold sandwiches, fruits, chips, and more, and also consider foods that aren’t messy. You also need to make sure you have a clean-up plan to throw away any trash and easily pack up any extras. You’ll want something refreshing to wash your food down with, so pack plenty of drinks that everyone will enjoy. You should also consider how you plan to keep your drinks and cold items cold, so consider bringing an ice chest or cooler.

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