Start Your Day With These Thomasville Coffee House Gems

Thomasville Coffee Houses
The city of Thomasville, Georgia offers some incredible choices for those who are looking to have their caffeine fix sated with a cup of coffee. Below are some of the more popular and talented purveyors of one of America's favorite beverages. Grassroots Coffee Company The ability to have a great cup of coffee... [read more]

Spend Your Saturday Dining on a Thomasville Food Tour

Taste of Thomasville Food Tour
Are you a Thomasville, Georgia resident who wants to explore all the fine dining options around town? Or, are you a visitor to the area? Either way, you should definitely make plans to take part in the Taste of Thomasville Food Tour that occurs every Saturday. This is a great... [read more]

Indulge In the Most Popular Breakfast Spots in Thomasville

Breakfast Thomasville, Georgia
Sometimes it takes everything you to fight the urge to sleep in and stay in your pajamas all day. For Thomasville, Georgia residents there are a few fantastic incentives to get out of bed and head out in the morning. The best of all is the array of breakfast spots... [read more]

How To: Start Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden
Home improvement projects like starting an herb garden can be pretty intimidating. But with this simple project, you can have all of the rewards of a garden, without having to go outside! It takes only a few minutes to make and your herbs will be ready in just a few... [read more]

What You and Your Kids are Missing Out On at Chehaw Park and Zoo

Chehaw Park and Zoo
Animal Presentations There are so many wonderful animal presentations going on this summer at Chehaw Park! These programs are available for kids of all ages, from pre-k up to high school. For the younger kids, there is Animal ABC’s, Pets vs Wild Animals, and a Georgia Woods presentation. Food Chain and... [read more]