Spend A Day Immersed In Nature At The Tallahassee Museum

Boy hanging on zipline course
Leave the indoors behind and enjoy some nature at the Tallahassee Museum. Set on 52 acres, you can explore nature trails, see native wildlife up close, go zip-lining, and so much more. The museum added some new exhibits recently, so you’ll want to visit, even if you went a few... [read more]

Make These Fruit Sparklers To Celebrate Memorial Day

Blueberry bowl on white background
Memorial Day is around the corner, and you can celebrate in style with patriotic fruit sparklers. Unlike sparklers that light up, these are edible, making them as delicious as they are fun. Check out the recipe for fruit sparklers, so you’ll be ready for a scrumptious Memorial Day celebration. Ingredients for... [read more]

Tips To Get More For Every Mile With Better Fuel Efficiency

Senior man with sunglasses sitting in car driving windows down
Besides the kind of car you drive, the way you drive it determines fuel efficiency. There are several driving habits you can adopt to optimize your car for maximum fuel efficiency. Each vehicle is built with a type of driver in mind. Also, these steps to optimize fuel efficiency should... [read more]

10 Helpful Ways To Protect Your Skin From The Sun

Young couple enjoying piggyback ride on sunny day.
Everybody needs the sun. It is an important source of Vitamin D, and basking in the sunlight just feels right. You might also look fantastic with a tan. Still, it is possible to overdo it with the sun. Getting sunburned can dry your skin, cause unsightly peeling, and worse. There... [read more]

Get Organized With These Helpful Apps

Woman organizing her to do list on whiteboard
Life in the digital age can come at you fast. Whatever your lifestyle, the chances are, you are juggling several different important obligations. Using organizational applications is a surefire way to stay on top of all of the different moving parts. With the apps listed further on in this blog,... [read more]