Try The Famous Greek Salad at George And Louie’s

to go box of salad with blurred background
If you’re searching for savory seafood, appetizing Greek fare, or just a well-crafted sandwich, you can find it all at George And Louie's here in Thomasville. A Family-Run Restaurant George and Louie’s has been a family-operated business since 1981, and the family-friendly atmosphere cultivated over years of service remains to this day.... [read more]

Delicious Packed Lunch Ideas

packed lunch
If you're like us you often spend so much time focusing on "what's for dinner" that you forget entirely about the two other important meals of the day. Breakfast is simple enough, with so many options you can eat on the go. But what about lunch? Here are a few... [read more]

Simple Tricks For Organizing Your Vehicle

organize car
As much as we stay on the go, it's hard to keep the inside of our vehicles neat and tidy. Add kids into the mix and it's almost impossible to eliminate the clutter. But we've found a few vehicle organization hacks to help even the messiest driver keep things clean. Do... [read more]

A Dog’s Guide To Thomasville

Border Collie running towards camera retrieving frisbee.
Out for some fun with Fido? Spend the day on the town with your dog and check out these pet-friendly places around Thomasville! Explore Thomasville Dog Park The first stop is at Balfour Park, where your pup can socialize with other friendly dogs at the Thomasville Dog Park. The pleasant park features... [read more]

Serve Up These Hot Honey Wings

honey hot wings
Hot wings are a Southern favorite, and we've found a recipe for Hot Honey Chicken Wings that are as moist as they are crispy. These wings are sure to be a crowd pleaser, so you may want to make multiple batches. The good news is they're fairly simple to prepare... [read more]