10 Tips To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer Heat

dashcover in vehicle with sun shining

Summer is here! While we may love the beautiful sunshine and nice weather, the heat can be unbearable most days. If you don’t enjoy the intense heat that blasts you as soon as you step foot into a parked car, we have some tips for you. Take a look at some of the helpful ways you can cool your vehicle down this season.

Sunshade or Window Visor

A great way to block the sun from your vehicle is by investing in some sunshades or window visors. Anytime you exit your vehicle, make sure to set up your sunshade or visor. This will block out the sun and keep your vehicle cool for long periods of time.

Dash Cover

A dash cover can do wonders, especially in the summer. A fabric or upholstered dash cover can make your interior comfortable, as well as protect it from any sun damage that can occur.


Even if you use a sunshade and dash cover, a towel over your steering wheel is still a great way to keep your vehicle cool. This will help keep your steering wheel cool and you will be thankful when your hands aren’t burnt when getting in your car.

Park by Trees

Whenever it’s possible, try parking in a shady area. Even if it’s a few steps further from wherever you are going, you will enjoy coming back to a cool car in the shade.

Keep Items Out of the Sun

You would be surprised to learn that items in your vehicle can and will melt if it’s hot enough. If you have any CDs, cups, makeup, food, or valuable items, make sure you put them under your seat, under a blanket, or in the trunk covered up.


Whenever you can, try parking in a garage. Your vehicle will be out of the direct sunlight and in constant shade.

Keep Windows Cracked

Keeping your windows cracked is great for ventilation and will keep your vehicle cool. Although, stay safe by keeping your windows up when needed.

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Solar Powered Fan

A solar-powered fan can make your hot vehicle feel pretty great! By creating constant air circulations, the fan can lower your car’s overall temperature.