Give Your Back A Break With These Stretches To Help Your Posture

Shot of a woman doing yoga at home

Do you find yourself slouching at your desk more than you would care to admit? This may not seem like a big deal at the time, but it can start to cause a variety of back problems over time. If you want to avoid those problems, you’d be smart to work on your posture. Did you know that stretching can help you do just that? When you wake up in the morning, work through the following stretches to get your blood moving and to get you ready for a day of good posture. You’ll be amazed at what a big difference such a small change can make.

Child’s Pose

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class before, you know precisely what this pose is. You’ll start on your hands and knees and then spread your knees wider than your hips. Sink your backside down to the ground, stretching your arms out in front of you. You should feel a fantastic stretch in your hips and your sides. If you want to keep it more active, keep your hands pressing into the ground. For a softer stretch, stack your hands and rest your head on top of them. Whichever modification you choose, it’s sure to feel great.

Standing Forward Fold

This one is easy to do, but it feels incredible once you do it. Stand tall, straight up and down. Then begin to bend your knees as you bend by the waist. You’ll want to give your knees plenty of room to bend because your goal is to stretch your back. Once you’ve stretched your back, you can experiment with straightening one leg and then the other. Just make sure you allow your head and shoulders to completely relax when you’re bent over.

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Cat Cow

This stretch feels extra good because it involves some movement. First, get on your hands and knees. Then arch your back, turning your face and tailbone up toward the sky. Really stretch out your stomach here, letting it grow long. Then you’ll do the opposite stretch, which involves doming your back and shoulders. Go back and forth between these two postures for an excellent spinal stretch. It helps to keep time with your breath if you want it to help with relaxation too. And don’t forget to get creative here. Add in whatever other stretches feel good along the way.

By doing these stretches every day, you’ll notice your posture improving in no time.