Boost Your Toyota’s Fuel Economy with These Maintenance Tips

Toyota Fuel Economy GeorgiaSome people mistakenly believe that the only way to get great fuel economy when driving around Georgia is to pick a fuel-efficient Toyota. While it is true that doing so will certainly make it easier to reduce your trips to the gas station, there are some things you can do regardless of the car you drive. These maintenance tips will help you boost your Toyota’s fuel economy whether you drive a Prius or a Tundra.

Buy the Right Parts for Your Toyota

No matter the type of maintenance you do on your Toyota, make sure to always use high-quality parts. Even choosing a cheap replacement for something seemingly small, like the spark plugs, can have a negative impact. Cheap spark plugs will fire inconsistently, leading to worse fuel efficiency and a decrease in your car’s overall performance. The ideal would be to use only Toyota parts or those recommended by Toyota.

Choose the Proper Oil for Your Toyota

There are dozens if not hundreds of engine oils available, but picking the right one will ensure you get the best possible gas mileage. Glance at your owner’s manual or ask your Toyota mechanic which one to use. Something as simple as choosing the ideal motor oil for your particular engine and Toyota model can give you 1 percent to 2 percent better mileage.

Replace Your Toyota’s Air Filters

If you drive one of the many Toyotas from a few decades ago that is still functioning perfectly, you want to make sure that you keep your air filter clean at all times. Vehicles with carbureted engines can see an increase of 14 percent fuel efficiency by unclogging their air filter. While newer models won’t see such as large improvement, you will still notice the difference by cleaning or replacing your air filter.

For more fuel-efficiency tips or for help with the maintenance aspect of boosting gas mileage, head to the service center at Thomasville Toyota in Thomasville, Georgia.