Don’t Fall for These Myths When Buying a Car

Car Buying Myths GeorgiaWhether you are looking to buy your first car or have owned numerous vehicles in the past, it is easy to get confused with all the car buying myths. Some Georgia drivers will offer genuinely good advice, but others will simply repeat a myth that they truly believe. To get the best possible deal, have the most pleasant experience, and make sure you end up with the right vehicle, learn to avoid falling for these myths.

Buy on a Rainy Day

The theory used to be that the best time to buy a new car was on a rainy day. The poor weather would make people less likely to head to the dealership so salespeople would be more desperate to make a sale, getting you a better deal. At one point, this myth was true, but it has spread too much over time. Now, everyone knows the myth and heads to the dealership on a rainy day, making those the busiest times and, therefore, the worst days to buy a car.

Buy at the End of the Month

Buying your car at the end of the month can help you out in certain situations. This will only be true if the dealership has a sales target for the month, it hasn’t met it yet, and it has your car in stock. In this situation, the salesperson may accept a lower offer. If there isn’t a target, the dealership has already met it, or your car has to be ordered, then you probably won’t get a special price.

Buy Right Away for Deals

In some cases, dealerships will offer limited-time deals and these will, in fact, go away at some point. The thing to remember, however, is that even if that particular discount or rebate isn’t available later on, there may be a different deal to make up for it, like a lower interest rate. Since you will probably end up paying the same price for a vehicle, don’t feel pressured to buy it right away to take advantage of a deal. The exception would be vehicles in limited supply or ones that are truly amazing deals. Use some common sense when avoiding this myth.

With your newfound knowledge about car buying myths, you are ready to buy a Toyota. The team at Thomasville Toyota will be honest with you and won’t try to trick you into paying more, meaning you don’t need to try any special tactics, either. Visit us in Thomasville, Georgia, and take a look at our selection.