Hunt The Lost Quail


Thomasville has long been a popular spot for hunting quail. Sportsmen come from all over the place to visit the quail hunting plantations that are located in the city. You can take part in this tradition without actually discharging a weapon by hunting for lost quail in downtown Thomasville. Instead of using a gun, you’ll just need your eyes to take part in this quail hunt. This is a fun adventure for the entire family, so load everyone up and head to downtown to look for quail.

Wait, what? How can you hunt quail without a gun? Get the details so you’ll be ready to play with the rest of Thomasville.

Hunting for Statues

Instead of hunting for live birds, you’ll be hunting for statues. The city has put 12 bronze quail statues around the downtown area to create a family-friendly scavenger hunt. You won’t just look for the quail, either. You will get to explore downtown Thomasville in the process. You will come across countless natural and historic surroundings, and you won’t be able to help but to have a good time during the hunt.

About the Art

When you find the quail statues, you will notice they are works of art. Paul Rhymer is the artist behind the work. He actually made each statue by hand. The statutes are really impressive, so take a moment to admire them.

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How to Get Started

Ready to begin? You need to head to the visitor’s center, which is located inside of the Municipal Auditorium Building. A staff member will give you a map with some hints, and then, you’ll be ready to take off on your adventure.

You’re going to be in for quite an adventure when you hunt for lost quail. You’ll be on your feet for a few hours, and you’ll want to sink into a comfortable vehicle when it’s all over. We don’t know where the quail are, but we can help you with the wheels. Stop by Thomasville Toyota in Thomasville, Georgia, and let us help you pick out a vehicle that is perfect for driving to quail hunts and everywhere else you want to go.