Teach Your Kid To Ride A Bike With These 5 Tips

Father teaching his son cycling at park

Your child is growing up right before your eyes. One minute, your son or daughter was learning to walk and talk. Now, your child is ready to hop on a bike. Teaching them to ride a bike is a milestone that both of you will remember forever. Because it’s so important, you want to do it the right way. Learn some tips so you can teach your kid to ride a bike without any stress.

1.      Make Sure You Buy the Right Bike

Buying the right bike is necessary before you teach your son or daughter how to ride. Take your child to the store and try out different bicycles. Have your kid sit on the seat and try to touch the ground. Their feet should easily touch the ground when sitting on the seat. You want the feet to touch while your child’s legs are straight. If your child’s legs are bent, the bike isn’t tall enough.

The bike should also be light to make it easier to power forward. Also, you might want to forgo a bike with handbrakes. Kids tend to play with them, making it harder to teach them to ride. Instead, you can choose a bike that stops when kids pedal backward.

2.      Use a Balance Bike

Before starting to pedal, your child needs to learn how to balance on a bike. Balance bikes are a great way to practice this skill. If you don’t have a balance bike, remove the pedals from your child’s bicycle.

Whichever method you choose, have your child get on and push with the feet. Without pedals in the way, your son or daughter can learn to balance without a fear of falling.

3.      Find the Best Spot for Riding

Once your child has balancing down, it’ll be time to find a spot to practice riding. First, find an open area that’s free of cars and traffic. Your child also needs ample open space on both sides in case your kid goes too far to the left or right.

4.      Start Pedaling

Next, it’ll be time to start riding. Have your child hop on the bike and put your hand on your kid’s neck for balance. Then instruct your son or daughter to look straight ahead and start pedaling.

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5.      Let Your Child Go Solo

Next, it’ll be time for your child to pedal without your help. Show your child how to prepare the pedals for riding, with one slightly forward and the other in the up position. Have your child put weight on one pedal to start moving forward. Your child will learn how to build up speed. At first, this can be challenging, but it won’t be long before your kid reaches top speed.

Teaching a kid to ride a bike can be a bit of a challenge, but it’s also fun. Use these tips to make the process easier.