Protecting Your Toyota Corolla from the Rain

Toyota Corolla Rain Thomasville
The Toyota Corolla was built to last, but even so, you need to take precautions to keep it in top condition. In addition to regular maintenance, you should also do a few simple things to help protect your Corolla from the rain. Rain tends to cause the most damage to... [read more]

The Toyota Sienna Keeps Your Family Safe

Toyota Sienna Family Safety Thomasville
Georgia families tend to make safety a priority, which is why the Toyota Sienna is such a popular vehicle. This family-friendly minivan has top safety features as standard as well as some of the latest safety technology as optional equipment. This safety combines with the comfort, versatility, entertainment, and performance... [read more]

Toyota Mirai Celebrates Earth Day at the National Mall

2016 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Vehicle Thomasville
Toyota has always been a leader in the world of fuel-saving automobiles. In 2000, the Toyota Prius helped celebrate Earth Day at the National Mall. This year, its place was taken by the Toyota Mirai. This hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle is leading environmentally friendly innovation and was part of... [read more]