Refresh Turkey Leftovers With These Recipes

pot pies with a bite cut out of the crust
There’s so much prep work that goes into a successful Thanksgiving dinner, it would be reasonable to try to make more than one meal out of all that cooking. It’s not uncommon to have leftovers after Thanksgiving, so try out any of these leftover turkey recipes to make the most of what’s already in your fridge.

Turkey Pot Pie

This pot pie is a great way to utilize any leftover poultry you might have, as well as any vegetables you haven’t used up yet. To get started, pre-heat your oven to 400 degrees F, then soften up the veggies in butter on the stovetop using a skillet or Dutch oven. Carrots, onion, and celery work great here, as they make the classic mirepoix flavor base used in a wide world of dishes. Next, stir in your turkey, then add in a little flour and cook for a few minutes more. Then, carefully pour in your broth and cream. This should produce a roux-like mix thanks to the butter and flour, and it will thicken after a few minutes on the stovetop. Pour the mix in a pan or casserole dish, cover it with pie crust, vent the crust, and put the pie in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes.


Keep that casserole dish out, because these cheesy enchiladas are a fine use of your leftover gobbler when you sub it in for the standard chicken. Whole corn tortillas will yield a rich, earthy flavor, but you can use flour shells if that’s what’s available. If you’re cooking with corn shells, quickly fry them for just a few seconds to make them easier to work with. You can also enjoy the flavor of jalapeños without all the heat by trimming out the inner membranes and seeds. Just remember to wear gloves when handling chiles.

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Turkey Soup

As long as we’re in soup season, it makes sense to repurpose some of those holiday leftovers for a tasty turkey soup. In a Dutch oven, cook those mirepoix veggies and green beans with olive oil until soft, then add in garlic. Add in flour, then stir it all together for a couple minutes more. Pour in stock gradually, plus herbs and seasonings. Bring it to a boil, add orzo pasta, then drop the heat to medium to cook for up to 10 minutes more. Add your turkey and spinach, then cook until the greens have started to wilt.

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