Toyota Drives towards the Future With The Mirai


The auto industry is now at a turning point, due to the innovative fuel cell movement kickstarted by Toyota. In an attempt to respond to the pressing needs and demands of modern drivers seeking cleaner, greener cars depending on diverse and widely available fuel sources, Toyota has envisioned the advanced Mirai vehicle running on hydrogen.

Why Is Mirai the Best Approach to Futuristic Vehicle Design?

As the best alternative to fossil fuels, hydrogen is the most abundant chemical element found in the entire universe. These days, when all drivers want to find the simplest way to save money at the pump and reduce their fossil fuel dependency, a car powdered by hydrogen could be seen as the answer to all their prayers. Why is the revolutionary Mirai such a tempting option worth exploring? This mid-size, four-door sedan emits only water vapors and doesn’t need any gasoline to function properly. On the other hand, it has everything it takes to compete with its gas-powered competitors.

Powered by a source of hydrogen, this new generation of fuel cell electric cars lets its driver enjoy a 300-miles trip on a full tank. Due to the fact that it refuels rapidly (in approximately five minutes), this ride won’t make you waste any time along the road. Marking a turning point for the zero-emission auto market, the versatile and hi-tech Mirai will become available in California in the fall of 2015. At the same time, additional markets are expected to favor the expansion of the infrastructure for hydrogen refueling. As a part of its partnership with Air Liquid, Toyota has announced its commitment to support the development of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure through the implementation of 12 hydrogen stations in the following states: Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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