Check Out Our 4-Year No-Charge Maintenance Program!

New tires for sale on a rackOur customers at Thomasville Toyota get more for their money and we’re not just saying that. When you buy a new Toyota at Thomasville Toyota you get four years of no-cost maintenance provided. That’s right, four years where you don’t have to pay a dime on maintenance. Add on an unbelievable lineup of new Toyotas and there is no better place to buy in the southeast.

Breaking Down Thomasville Toyota’s ToyotaCare Plus 

The first two years of coverage are under the ToyotaCare maintenance plan and the program covers factory-recommended maintenance for 25,000 miles or two years. This means that oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle inspections are free of charge. It’s annoying enough when the check engine light comes on knowing that you’ll need to spend a few hours getting your vehicle taken care of, but it’s worse when it costs money. While we can’t fix maintenance needs from happening, we can fix the price.

Also included with the ToyotaCare Plus program is 24-hour roadside assistance. With summer around the corner you can now drive free and easy down the road knowing that if something goes wrong, we have your back.

After two years, the ToyotaCare coverage fades and gives way to the ToyoGuard Platinum Program. For two years this program will continue to cover maintenance costs on your new Toyota. Some of the coverage includes:

  • 4 Tire Rotations
  • 2 Synthetic or 4 Non-Synthetic Oil Changes
  • Oil Filter Changes 

Also included with the ToyoGuard Platinum Program is rental car coverage should your vehicle need to spend a night in the service center. That’s what ToyotaCare Plus is all about, covering our customers when they need it the most. Having your car out of commission is a hassle, but at least you won’t incur any additional cost with it.

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Thomasville Toyota

Toyota’s are notorious for their longevity as is, we’re here to make sure that you keep your new Toyota on the road for decades. Check out our new Toyota inventory and get one step closer to having a vehicle that will last.