Tips For A Well-Organized Vehicle

Front seat of a clean car cabin

You spend a lot of time inside your car. Why not make it a place where it’s easy to relax and enjoy the ride? One easy way to do this is to corral the clutter and make the interior of your vehicle an organized space. It doesn’t require a whole lot of time or effort to take your car from disaster zone to neat as a pin. We’ve got some easy tips to make quick work of organizing your car’s cabin.

Keep It or Toss It?

The first step toward getting organized is figuring out what you need, what can be relocated, and what can be thrown away. Roll up your sleeves and dive in to the glove box, the console between the seats, the seat-back pockets, and any other spots where objects seem to collect. Working with that big pile, make three separate piles: things to keep, things to move, and things to toss. Now you can get to work organizing your keep-it items conveniently inside your car.

Within Arm’s Reach

With the console and the glove compartment emptied out of old napkins and gas receipts, you can fill them back up with just the necessities that you’ll want within easy reach. An extra phone charger is always nice to have on hand, as are commonly needed items like tissues, hand sanitizer, and a small flashlight. The glove box will corral important documents like proof-of-insurance cards and your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Smart Storage Solutions

No matter how spacious your vehicle’s interior is, you could always use more room. Fortunately, there are some brilliant ways to contain small items so that they don’t overtake your car. Everyday organizers like remote control holders, small tote bags, and shower caddies are great spots to store art supplies for the kids, packaged snacks, books and magazines, sanitizing wipes, and other handy items.

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Emergency Kit

Gather useful things like a first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, bottled water, a multipurpose tool, and jumper cables and keep in a sturdy storage container in the cargo hold. Think of what you might need in case of emergency – a breakdown on the side of the road or an accident – and include them in the box. You might never need them, but you’ll never regret having them on hand just in case.