Book a Taste of Thomasville Food Tour Today

Taste of Thomasville
The Taste of Thomasville Food Tour is an excellent way to experience some of the most delicious food offerings in Thomasville, Georgia, along with a nice stroll. This food tour is highly affordable, teaches you new things about Thomasville and the local food, and lets you make new friends. Crucial Details The... [read more]

Pay a Visit to W.G. Hamil

W.G. Hamil Pecans
Whether you live in Thomasville or are just passing through, be sure to stop by W.G. Hamil for some delicious pecans and fresh produce. This family-owned and operated business has roots tracing all the way back to 1935. Where and When to Go If you want to enjoy some delicious pecans, watermelon,... [read more]

Annual Autism Awareness Picnic

Autism Awareness
The Annual Autism Awareness Picnic is making its return this April, giving you a fun way to give back to the community while enjoying a delicious meal. Crucial Details The South Georgia Autism Center hosts the Annual Autism Awareness Picnic. This year’s picnic will take place at Cherokee Lake, so you get... [read more]

Compare the 2018 Tundra to the 2017 Model

Toyota Tundra
The world of pickup trucks is constantly changing, and the 2018 Toyota Tundra is no exception. If you were to compare the 2018 model year with the previous one, you would notice a few key differences. By familiarizing yourself with the 2018 Tundra, you can confirm that this is indeed... [read more]

New 2018 Avalon Trim Comparisons

Toyota Avalon
For those considering buying the 2018 Toyota Avalon, it is essential to do some research to confirm that you end up buying the right trim level for your needs in Thomasville, Georgia. Just a quick summary of each trim can be enough to give you a good idea of the... [read more]