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Day Trips From Thomasville

Day Trips From Thomasville
Smack in the sweet spot between a vacation and a staycation, day trips offer an opportunity to go on a relaxing getaway without the logistics and expense of booking hotels and flights or arranging time off work. Here, four weekend escapes you’ll love, right in Thomasville’s backyard. Madison Blue Spring State... [read more]

Visit The Johnny Donutseed Statue

Johnny Donutseed Statue
Most of us recall learning about John Chapman in elementary school, though we tend to refer to him as Johnny Appleseed. He was a pioneer, missionary, and nurseryman who is best known for planting numerous apple orchards across parts of North America. A kindhearted, peace-loving man, Johnny Appleseed is one... [read more]

Cruise Your 4Runner to These GA Movie Spots

4Runner in Thomasville GA
Hop in your Toyota 4Runner to visit the sites of your favorite movies right here in Georgia. Thomasville is just a short drive from dozens of filming locations, and the 4Runner is the perfect way to get there. You can fit five or seven passengers in this SUV so you... [read more]