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Toyota 4Runner: 1984 to Now

Toyota 4Runner Thomasville
The Toyota 4Runner has received a lot of recognition for its ability to take on tough terrain. With three decades of history, Toyota has been able to master the driving capabilities of the 4Runner so that it is a great vehicle on and off the road. It is durable, has... [read more]

Cruise Your 4Runner to These GA Movie Spots

4Runner in Thomasville GA
Hop in your Toyota 4Runner to visit the sites of your favorite movies right here in Georgia. Thomasville is just a short drive from dozens of filming locations, and the 4Runner is the perfect way to get there. You can fit five or seven passengers in this SUV so you... [read more]

Toyota 4Runner vs. Ford Explorer vs. Grand Cherokee

Toyota 4Runner Thomasville
Search for an SUV that can take you off-road and offer the latest features and technology, and you will have a few good options. The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most popular choices, but the Ford Explorer and Jeep Grand Cherokee also hold their own. When you take a... [read more]

5 Reasons to Consider Buying the Toyota 4Runner

2015 Toyota 4Runner
There are few SUVs that offer both truck-like off-road capabilities and the fuel economy of a car. The Toyota 4Runner is one of them. With its rugged, yet luxurious style, this SUV is a great vehicle for just about anyone. Here are five reasons why: Even the base model of the... [read more]