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Attend A Performance Of The Burning River Brass

Burning River Brass
Few things are as appreciated as Christmas music during the holidays. Sure, we all love the decorations, the gift-giving, and the delicious treats. Whether it’s a classic holiday song you’ve heard thousands of times or a new rendition of your favorite song, Christmas music tends to warm the heart of... [read more]

Rock Out At The Crossroads Music Festival

Crossroads Music Festival
When the weather gets cold and you no longer want to leave the house, it’s hard finding things to do that hold your interest long enough to face the cold. However, sometimes there are events that we should attend simply because it supports a good cause. When you attend the... [read more]

July 4th Fireworks and Festivities

4th of July
The Fourth of July is always a magical time in Thomasville. The city knows how to celebrate the nation’s independence in the best way possible, and this year is no different. The July 4th Fireworks and Festivities will be at the Downtown Thomasville Park and Amphitheater, and it’s going to... [read more]