Category: Thomasville Attractions

Practice Your Golf Swing At Glen Arven Country Club

Glen Arven Country Club
It will be getting warmer very soon, which means that you may want to spend more time outside than you’re used to. However, do you know what you want to do when you get out there? Well, if you love golfing, then you’ll probably have a great time coming out... [read more]

Explore Your Roots At The Thomasville Genealogical Library

DNA testing is all the rage right now, and it’s understandable why people are interested in it. They want to know where they come from and what that means about them. However, a DNA test can only tell you so much. It can’t tell you what your great-great-grandmother baked for... [read more]

Visit The Power Of The Past Museum

We've all flown on an airplane at some point. And while we might think we are familiar with them, there's really so much more we don't actually know about them! That can change, though, because now we can go back in time and see engines that have been preserved in... [read more]

Visit Flint Riverquarium

Flint Riverquarium
You know that taking care of the environment is of the utmost importance. But sometimes, it helps to learn a bit more about local habitats so you can see the impact humans have on animals and nature firsthand. One of the best local places to do that is the Flint... [read more]