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Live Young Studio

Live Young Studio
Getting older can be tough. As you age, you start noticing more aches and pains. On top of that, you may not feel as confident in your appearance as you used to be. However, getting older is largely a mindset. If you want to feel better than ever before even... [read more]

Hugga Mugga’s Pet Shop

Hugga Mugga’s Pet Shop
Everyone loves their pets, but some people really want to go above and beyond when it comes to taking care of their fluffy friends. If you’re looking for a way to treat your cat, dog, or any other kind of pet you have, you need to take a trip to... [read more]

SouthLife Supply Co. Company Store

Truly unique jewelry and accessories are a real treasure whether they're made from precious stones or something a little less expected. How about spent bullet shells, for example? That outside-the-box thinking is what inspired the first pair of earrings from what would become SouthLife Supply Co., and it's what continues... [read more]

The Hare & The Hart

Hare and Hart
If you're looking for a shopping experience that can't be found in garden-variety department stores or smaller chains, you'll want to explore The Hare & The Hart. This quaint shop is located in downtown Thomasville and beckons shoppers with that something special you can't quite define – but you'll know... [read more]

Check Out First Friday Sip & Stroll

First Friday Sip & Stroll
Downtown Thomasville has so much to offer. With lots of shops, restaurants, and a fun atmosphere, it’s a great place to spend a night out. And one of the best times to check out downtown Thomasville is during the First Friday Sip & Stroll. You have a chance to participate in... [read more]