How the Toyota Tundra Outperforms the Competition

2016 Toyota Tundra
If you are searching for a truck for all of your towing and loading needs? At Thomasville Toyota, we can help. The rugged Toyota Tundra is the perfect vehicle to meet all of your pickup truck needs. While there are many pickup trucks on the market, the Tundra simply comes... [read more]

Important Steps on your Toyota Maintenance Checklist

Toyota Maintenance
Life can be fast-paced. It is easy to forget about taking car of our vehicles among the hustle and bustle of every day activities. However, by taking proper care of your car and having it serviced and maintained you could save yourself a lot of headaches in the long run.... [read more]

Toyota Corolla is the Most Dependable Compact Car

2016 Toyota Corolla
If you are looking for a practical, dependable, long-lasting vehicle then look no further than Thomasville Toyota. The Toyota Corolla has once again been named the most dependable compact car. And when you are car shopping in this economy, dependability is a huge factor! The first thing buyers usually look for... [read more]

Top Reasons the Toyota Land Cruiser is the Ultimate, Luxury SUV

2015 Toyota Land Cruiser
Command attention on the open road in your new Toyota Land Cruiser. There are many new features on the new model starting with the exterior and interior. The innovative, eye catching front end will turn heads with its updated LED headlights, new hood shape, modern bumper design, and eye-catching new grille.... [read more]

Getting to Know the Toyota Camry with These Packed Features

Toyota Camry Thomasville
Get to know the Toyota Camry in detail on a test drive. In the meantime, learning more about the numerous features that pack this popular sedan can give you an idea of what to expect and why Thomasville drivers love the Camry. 2016 Toyota Camry's Standard Features The 2016 Camry comes with... [read more]